Each Day Anew…

I wake and start each day anew
I shake myself to clear my head
I take on faith I’ll muddle through
I make myself get out of bed

The day is as it was before
The play of life’s dramas unfold
The clay of my face gets new scores
The way it will for days untold

Time flaunts with me in its cruel way
Time wants me to think I’m all right
Time daunts my tears in light of day
Time haunts me then in dark of night

Can’t lie my pain will soon be through
Can’t fly away until it’s gone
Can’t buy back moments to redo
Can’t die so no choice but go on

It’s true that heartache ends, but when?
It’s few the days I feel it cease
It’s due I know, but until then
It’s through my pen I find release

I know I have the strength to cope
I go as heart and soul say to
I sow my seeds of faith and hope
I grow and start each day anew


[written several very short, yet long years ago – about six weeks after becoming a widow.]

The form used is called a Lento. Strictly speaking a Lento is two quatrains of eight syllables (a Double Lento has four quatrains, or as I have done, a Triple Lento with six quatrains). A Lento requires that you rhyme the very first word of each line in the stanza and have an ending rhyme of abcd. As you can see I took a little creative licensing here by repeating the first word and rhyming the second words instead and having an end rhyme of abab.

dVerse Poets Pub | Poetics: The Beautiful Sadness

27 thoughts on “Each Day Anew…

  1. Oh my God! This poem moved me profoundly. I send my condolences to you, dear heart.

    Hard choices ahead, but with your hope and faith, you will make it through.

    My blessings and love I send to you.

    Lady Nyo

    • Thank you Lady Nyo. This was penned some time ago (I’ve since edited the aside to reflect that). Time flies regardless of fun, but it is indeed a healer. Thanks again.

    • Thank you Andrew 🙂

      Life:Between the lines – yeah I know, I know death and taxes. I’m just trying to enjoy as much of the ride as possible – thanks.

  2. Creative and effective use of an interesting form, and the poem itself is served well by the rhyme. Those times in one’s life are often only mitigated by the ability to write through them, for those of us who have that outlet.

  3. cool -never heard about this form…very nice.. i also find release through my pen..and some days it has saved me from doing stupid things as well..

    • Thank you, Hedgewitch and Claudia,

      It is my belief that we artists, whatever our medium, have a built in advantage over others. Our art is a major (if not sole therapy) for what moves us.

  4. My goodness, this is beautiful and heartbreaking, Raivenne. This kind of loss is profound and life-changing. And certainly not something I would ever want to go through. Sending you warm thoughts.

    • Belinda / Coalblack,

      I fully realize I am one of the luckier ones in how I processed my grief and have come out of it as well as I have. What we want to go through good or ill is of little concern of Fate and Time. Thank you for both for your warm thoughts/wishes.

  5. writing is what has saved me form many emotions..sadness, grief, too much happiness (i know right?), etc.

    this is a piece that says you will heal and remember.. thank you for sharing honest emotions.
    well done!!

  6. Thank you Lynee, Ayala and Dustus.

    Creative freedom within the confines of a form is a personal challenge I like to engage in from time to time. That I wrote this within mere weeks of becoming a widow, was the beginning of signs that I realized for myself that was going to be all right eventually.

    Thanks again.

    • Looking back on this a couple of years after the fact, even I was impressed that I could actually write that optimistically considering what a mess I was at the time. It truly is through my pen…

      Thank you JCS.

  7. Girl,
    You just wrote my mind!

    It’s due I know, but until then
    It’s through my pen I find release

    Soon enough you would write about how it ended and how newer things make you smile..
    That’s what I am doing now.. Was writing throughout my transition.. phase 1 has ended! The deadly time has indeed gone past!!

    Sending you wishes n hugs xox

    • Ah Olivia, happily I can say the Path of Grief is a road I no longer travel. Time is indeed a healer if one allows it to be so. Much thanks for your wishes and hugs, we can never give nor receive enough of those.

  8. I can only imagine the horror that comes with losing your partner in life. Such a cyclical feel to this of sinking deeper. I know different times of profound sadness that writing helped me emerge from, so I can relate to that part for sure. Glad this is in the past for you.

  9. really like the form, and same as Claudia- not one ive heard of before!…like the sentiment here- life has a way of creating such beautiful sadness…you just gotta carry on….and yeah- writing…thats the key…to get it all out….

  10. nice…never heard of this one either…but really cool what you did with it….writing is def therapy for me…sometimes we wonder at when the pain will end, when luck will change but truly we can use it for inspiration, giving it a purpose….

    • How many of us artists, regardless of our chosen media, note pain as much an inspirational source as joy? It does have a purpose for us. Thanks as always Brian.

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