35 comments on “The Only Thing…

  1. Gosh, I would hate to be scared of everything. What a miserable life to live. You captured it will with this.!
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting me.

  2. Really enjoyed this piece. The form is very well done. Love the chorus repetition. Really highlighted the refrains. Thanks for sharing:)

    • Thanks Fred and Wordcoaster.

      “paranoia hyperbole” I like that!

      It’s all in your mind… it’s all in your mind… it’s all in your mind…

  3. Very powerful piece, made so by the refrain and its repetition. Love the beat of this poem, very rhythmic and strong, like the heart beat of some ancient beast, one that lucrks in said shadows. Beautiful.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  4. This is a song..complete with refrain. I couldn’t decide as I read it whether it was a rock song or not. I chose to hear it that way and so had to read it twice to get its meaning as one has to listen to a song more than once to get the lyrics because the beat and melody made the first impression. Quite a feat in poetry without the music except that the words themselves make. Once I got to lyrics I found them compelling as well. It’s the story of living alone. When you’re very young and fresh from a family and also later when you’re not as sure of yourself, when the nest is empty and your spouse is gone, when there’s no one there to know if you’re alive at the end of the day. Well said. Thank you. Gay

    • Thanks Jingle!

      Hi Gay,

      Oooh, I never really considered this as a song. Funny you should say this considering I just quoted a part Metallica’s “Sandman” in a comment response. Now, that you’re planted that thought in my head, If it’s a rock song, then it has to be heavy metal – yeah!!! \m/ lol
      I always sort of heard this in my head with a Vincent Price type delivery, complete with maniacal laughter at the end.

      And yes, I wrote this on a very late and very rainy night, when I was very exhausted and very alone. I was freaking out over the common household (the ice maker) to the point I could do nothing but laugh at myself from the silliness of it.

      It’s all in your mind… it’s all in your mind… it’s all in your mind…


  5. well now…your repetition works really well to raise those hairs on the back of my neck and makes me want to check the shadows to make sure no one is there right now….brr….nice…the pacing of this as well accentuates that fear…

  6. Oh yes, the fear of impending doom! And the shadows….you never know what lurks there for sur!e. The repetition heightened the fear

  7. That impending sense of doom….a rare but harrowing feeling- like your heart is suddenly on the floor…nice detail here about what scares us and it does read like a song;)

  8. The refrain, and the repetition within it serve this poem very well indeed. 😉
    Ultimately, the only thing to fear is me, those neglected and misunderstood corners of the mind. Befriend the fears and become whole.

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