NaPoWriMo — Know That


Know that you are formidable

And while your strength
Is not necessarily in the physical
The sheer force of your physicality
Cannot be ignored
As the masses yield
For you to pass

Know that you are king

A giant among men
That everyone sees
Yet so many are so blind
To the fact
That for all your might
You still

Know that you are human

A sizable imperfect in a world
That demands
A smaller perfection
Near impossible to attain yet
Unlike many who share
The burden of your weighty crown
You are blessed

Know that you are desired

For the sight of you
All that is without
The yielding solidness that
Deeply moves me
To the very core
Of my inner soul

Know that you are valued

Just as deeply
For the thoughts of you
All that is within
The concrete essence
That moves my heart
In ways which
need not be understood
By anyone but me

Know that you are loved


Yes, if nothing else…

Know that.

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