Let The Morning Find Me…

HAPPY 2012!
With the brand new year upon us, may this be one resolution we all can keep.

Let the morning find me…

from a sleep that was enough to feel well-rested, but not lethargic, energized, but not anxious

Let the morning find me…

even if the best possible sometimes fails, that the person I find in the mirror has done the best possible.

Let the morning find me…

and not just merely surviving, but joyously thriving, even in the midst of the crazies.

Let the morning find me…

to start this day even if the most strenuous thing I have planned to do is vegetate.

Let the morning find me…

in that toe curling, back arching, arms and fingers extending to their maximum reach full body stretch way, regardless if there’s someone beside me.

Let the morning find me…

that Cheshire cat, absolutely no reason what so ever, but I just can’t seem to stop smile.

Let the morning find me…



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Submitted to
Jingle Poetry At The Gooseberry Garden — Week 20
Fairytales, My First Time, Hope, and New Year’s Resolutions

20 thoughts on “Let The Morning Find Me…

  1. And as my Mother would have said “git yur lazy ass out of bed already!”

    That is, if my Mother actually spoke that way. Normally, she’d just pop the door open and start vacuuming the room.

    Nice sentiments, tho…

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