2 comments on “Perspective

  1. The death of a baby serves as a stark reminder of how far the medical profession still has to go before it enters the 21st century. My father lost two siblings while the family was still in Imperial Russia, over 100 years ago. As for the snow, I’ll never forget the blizzard of April 1, 1982, one day after my first wife and I returned to NY from LA, and her birthday. That was a shocker.

  2. I think, for me, the hardest lessons of life have been that the way it turns out is mostly dependent on me and that living in the moment is very, very hard work. Just like joy when we leave that magic bubble of childhood it becomes harder and harder to grab a hold of. Death, terrifyingly, is one of those things in life that brings it home hard, over and over again, that all we have is now. That every second is precious and that we have a God given duty to live it right and make every moment golden because there are many, many people whose journey here has been heart-breakingly brief.

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