First Feelings Part II (The Reality)

It was mine.

It was mine to give
to the one I chose.
Instead it was taken,
forever from my grasp.

Stole the most valuable item
That this fifteen year old possessed.

It was mine.
It was suppose to be a gift.

Somewhere out there
the potential recipient
knows not what was lost.

It was mine.
He stole my gift.

I had visions on how it
would one day be given.

It was mine.
He stole my dream.

For years what I gave
could never bring
me happiness.
It wasn’t The gift.

It was mine.
He stole my joy.

I should be able to reminisce
fondly when girl talk
falls to that time
but I remain quiet.

It was mine.
He stole my memories.

A stranger made himself familiar
in a place he should have never known.


dVerse Meeting the Bar ~ Symbolism

17 thoughts on “First Feelings Part II (The Reality)

  1. Thank you for the honesty. I think way too many of us understand the robbery that takes place in the life of innocence


  2. This is not my story; but this is the story of women. If it’s your story you now know it’s not only your story, it’s the story of women. The sharing you can do is that you can know that they somewhere know it and on some level can share it too. You are more than this story, you are the survivor, you are the teacher, you are the giver of truth, and the bringer of light! Well done.

  3. ugh..gut wrenching in the end at where it took me…and i agree it shoulc never happen…it hurts just to think on it…as i know it has happened to far too many…they say 1 in 5 women i believe…ugh…

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