12 comments on “HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?

  1. That left me in tears. That humans should behave like a pack of predators for base gratification- it makes my head spin. What a horror.

    • I first heard about this a week or so ago and it struck me hard also. This isn’t a third of all I feel on the subject; it just took this long to put this anger part of it in words.

  2. And not even ONE adult supervising this party? You’re right. The only good is that which will come to the step-sister (and also, one hopes, to those who raped the seven-year-old) in prison, where most or all of them will, no doubt, end up someday. They don’t think too highly of any kind of rapists there. Even they have mothers and sisters.

    • “Even they have mothers and sisters.”

      And daughters and nieces. Regardless of relation, or lack there of, she was a child! Where was the “it takes a village to raise a child” among them? I so hope they are all caught; so they can get exactly what coming to them in prison.

  3. I just wish that I had the ability to invent something that would inflict the same pain they imparted on that little girl and create the same nightmares that she will endure. YOu know, it will be a random infliction, any time of day… a taser is good, too. how about water torture chamber? or whip? Okay, I’ll stop now.

  4. Thanks for writing this Rai. In all honesty, too many people are afraid to talk about it, because of how angry it makes them, and to express tru feelings of anger in our society is frowned on. Thanks for being honest, for all of us.

    • “In all honesty, too many people are afraid to talk about it, because of how angry it makes them, and to express tru feelings of anger in our society is frowned on.”

      This scares me as much as what happened to that child enrages me. We should not be at home sitting over our tea/coffee sadly shaking our heads, tut-tuting, but otherwise remaining silent. This, and all such like it, should not only be felt/cared/spoken by the small circles of friends/relatives immediately involved. We should be furious and sad and damned vocal about what was done to her!

  5. Things like this make me want to forget my good christian upbringing. No one who attended this party should walk away free; the onlookers are just as guilty as the perpetrators.

    Saddest thing is that according to the news the little girl went cause she wanted to protect the older one. Age is nothing, but a number especially if you don’t have wisdom.

    Rai, thanks for your insight n your bravery in speaking out.

    • What really saddens me now about this? How the child and her family have to move from their home. The family, not being protected, but being threatened by others! Can you imagine? Worse, at seven years of age, every time this child walk out the door, she knows people are looking at her — whispering about her? She’s being emotionally punished over and over again at an age where she’s just not physiologically equipped to handle this. You can imagine about where my Christianity is on this. I would want to be the one standing next to the biggest, meanest motherfucker in the prison, pointing the blatant finger at each perpetrator and saying “Get him! Get him good!”

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