MLMM – Music Prompt # 74 – Valentine’s Day Special – i am yours

Time stands still

She sits in the white leather armchair by the fireplace, her legs slightly akimbo as one arm casually resting on one side, one hand holds a snifter of brandy alternately glancing at its colors as she swirls, sniffs and sips its contents even as she silently watches me, waiting.

The fingers of the outstretched arm are lightly tapping the the chair. It is the only indication of her mood. I had to make a decision.

Though she has not uttered a sound since I walked in fifteen minutes ago, I hear her smoke on velvet voice in my mind as clearly as if she had spoken.

Are you sure?

Beauty in all she is

The black velvet jacket gaps just enough to expose the sheer lace of the scarlet basque that offsets her mocha complexion beautifully. Barely containing the voluptuousness underneath, it gapes enough to know it is intentional, but not enough to be indecent. The black leather pants fit snug, but not tight over her wide hips, luscious thighs. Her black stilettos are casually tossed to the side, but she sits with her toes in the plush carpet, feet arched as if she still wears them. As though her regal bearing could ever be lessened by some mere trifle as being shoeless.

Trust Me. Trust us.

I will be brave

Never able to hide anything, She watches my face as I stand before Her contemplating. There really was not anything to think about. The decision was made when i walked in the door this evening. Hell, i think She and i knew this was inevitable from when we first laid eyes on each other over a year ago. There is no place i rather be, there is no one else, but Her.

An imperial eyebrow arches as She sees the decision coalesce on my face.

This moment is me finally showing on the outside what we both knew i had accepted in my heart weeks ago. She rises as i move from the door to stand directly before Her.

With immense release, I vale to my knees, bow my head and submit.


It is likely only a couple of minutes as she makes me wait, but it feels like a thousand years before I feel the touch of Her hand in my hair, guiding my head back for a kiss in acceptance.



At Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie we are invited to use the lyrics of “A Thousand Years”by Christina Perri as inspiration to write about love and to “Feel free to take the subject in whichever direction that you desire.”

Music Prompt # 74 – “A Thousand Years”by Christina Perri – Valentine’s Day Special