I Knew It!

Last night as I chose on my clothes for today, I pulled out a turtleneck. Despite it officially being spring, by the calendar, I knew it was going to be cold today.

This morning I look at my footwear. Originally, I had selected loafers, I switched to booties. I knew it was going to be cold today.

I look out the window and see the tree branches yield to wind. Soft open knit beret? – Sorry, you’re on the bench. Tightly knit grey toque – suit up! I knew it was going to be cold today.

Last, but hardly least, I pull my red pea coat into service. After all, I knew it was going to be cold today.

Forewarned and armed, I open my front down and head down the stairs. I reach the curb to cross the street. Now away from my building protecting me from it, a gust of wind sneaks around and slams into me. I mean, I’m physically shifted from the ferocity of it. How rude!

So what comes out of my mouth: “Holy f—! I didn’t know it was going to be cold today!”

[A warm thank you to Amy Ellerman for the honor of using my post, Amused and Bemused, in today’s Be Inspired section at Two Writing Teachers.]

Day 29 of 31 – Let’s see how others are chilling in a good way and slicing it out today…

15th Annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge

15th Annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge
Two Writing Teachers

12 thoughts on “I Knew It!

  1. Why is it that even though we know what something is going to be like we are still shocked when the reality hits us in the face? We had snow squalls here yesterday, Don’t know if you saw the pile up on I-81 in Schuylkill county on yesterday’s news. That happened about 10 miles from where we live. There were warnings about squalls but still people were surprised when they happened.

    • Worse, we know this happens around this time of year, weather wise, and it still catches us off guard.

      I did see the news about I-81 online earlier today. That was tragic,

  2. Yes! What’s with all this wind and cold! I did a similar style selection … and got blown back a step by the wind that hit me as I headed down the hill to the train. You always look great in red, so I know you were cute even if you were cold! ❤

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