Amused and Bemused

I enjoy placing the credit/blame of my creativity on Muse. You loved it? “Thanks, Muse was good to me.” Could’ve done without it? “Yeah, Muse was on something, too bad.” It matters not to me, nor that bossy chick.

Yes bossy. Yes chick.

I mostly tend to refer to Muse in the feminine because of Greek Mythology and the Nine Muses. Even so, every now and again it is certainly a masculine voice I heed in the other classic definition of Muse as a personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative.

I get an idea in my funny ol’ head and it won’t go away until I at least start a chunk of it. Especially in writing. Muse does not give a single frack that it’s three in the blessed morning. I can/have/will be tired as all get out, just about to drop off into the deepest of REM slumber and BOOM an idea will strike. If I’m extremely lucky Muse will let me jot down a few notes and return to sleep. Most of the time, I’m not that lucky. I am no longer surprised to see I awakened and over an hour has passed because Muse whispered and enforced dominance over me.

It happened again last night.

I am a part of several writing groups. As voyeur reader with most, more active with others. Last night, I went through my usual routine: laid out my clothes for the next day, checked my lights and locks, ensured the stove was off (even though I had not turned it on since Sunday – go figure). I was in bed, under the covers, doing a final look with one of my groups when a prompt caught my eye. It was a cute prompt; I could see it going in different directions. I looked forward to reading whatever soul who took up the prompt would do with it. As for me, it was now after the witching hour -this is normal bedtime for me shush(!)- I plugged in my phone to charge, turned off my lamp and tucked in for the night.

Can someone please explain to me how Chapter One, with my name as author, got posted some forty-five minutes later?

Participles are dangling all over the place as though it’s law, wrote Vesuvius Man instead of Vitruvian Man, but there it was – out in the world in shiny glory. How did this happen, again? Yeah, you’ve got it. Dang Muse made me get out of bed, get on my computer, start typing and did not stop until I pressed “Post”. Worse, it’s Chapter One – implying there is more to come and now I’ve got to fulfill on that implication.

Wait. What the…? Dammit! Stop snickering Melpomene!

I already have three WIPs (works in progress), out there. Two, half-finished poems, an idea for another, plus a mental Fort Knox full of plot bunnies. All of them are clamoring for attention. And now this? Not to mention being at the literal halfway point of the annual Slice of Life Challenge.

No one asked my permission! As if Muse ever does. Sigh.

Yes mistress…

Day 16 of 31 – let’s see how others have hit this apex point today….

15th Annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge

15th Annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge
Two Writing Teachers

23 thoughts on “Amused and Bemused

  1. As I read this, I kept thinking about your internal battle; how when things go well, you want the credit, and when things do not, not so much. I love the explanation of Muse as an outwardly scapegoat; and your careful process of letting yourself out in the world, but sometimes, it just happens. I had to stop and think after I read about how safe you are in your general life, but that writing still slips out.

    • Oh I have long given up any notion that inspiration is safe for me. I used to believe I was the creative journalist having and sharing insight. Nowadays I’m feeling more like the news anchor just reading from a teleprompter. 🤣

  2. I loved reading about your writing process! You are certainly very dedicated to, or a slave to, your muse, getting out of bed in the middle of the night to write. I wish you well. Such a love affair as yours with writing is bound to have results!

    • I have had plenty of moments where sheer exhaustion or stubbornness will have me balk at Muses’ chattering at inconvenient times. The only thing worse that getting up in the middle of the night to work out a damn good plot bunny, is waking rested in the morning, but with a sense of loss in knowing you had a most brilliant idea, but now it’s ALL GONE. Oh, but the exuberant joy when I listen! Makes it worth it.

  3. Your title is wonderful and I love the way this piece draws the reader into story, then makes side comments (“go figure”) addressing the audience (“Can someone please tell me…”).

    And I feel seen. This is me. Everynight. But I don’t get up and write. Instead, I plan lessons and make to-do lists and I don’t know if it’s a mother thing or a hormone thing or an age thing. But, I’m going to blame it on the Muse now too.

    • Most only thing of Muse when it comes to being a creative in the arts. That’s a misnomer. The spark of an idea that made you rearrange your entire lesson plan? Your to do lists are equally Muse inspired so blame away! 😁

  4. You. Made. Me. Laugh. Out. Loud. Here I am, picturing your 3 a.m. brain whipping out works of sheer brilliance, only to have your 9 a.m. brain look at it like it was some car wreck off the side of the freeway.

    As for me, my muse is Story, who comes around every so often to talk smack about me not working up to my potential. I wish she’d come with some real ideas and inspiration, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers in the muse department. Maybe I need to join Indeed or LinkedIn and put out a call.

    • Oh no, no, no, Laine, that’s not muse, That’s La Impostrata. The spiteful wench in the guise of muse but attempts to beat you down instead of build you up. Don’t even listen to that self doubting wretch. Trust me on that or you’ll put your pen down one day and 20 years can pass before you pick it up again.

      • ooohhhh I know THAT voice! But Story is more like a tough-love kinda gal, the friend who will look at me and ask if I’m wearing *that* when I go out and I won’t take it personally.

        La Impostrata is just plain mean, you’re right!

  5. Boy, when a muse takes over there’s no telling what will happen. Once she takes hold of your brain there is no getting her out until she has had her way. The nerve of muse having you write a Chapter One. She had better be there for future chapters or else you need to have a serious talk with her…as if she would listen.

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  7. Holy hell why haven’t I followed you until this point. So much to love here and the middle of the night intrusion really seems to pick up intensity during March for some reason. Your voice, honesty, and determination show through. This is real, and true look at the writer’s mindset. Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely be back!

    • Thank you, Radutti. Oh I wish I could blame March. As you peruse my blog you’ll see Muse and I go for it – year round. Welcome aboard the insane train of thoughts that is my mind. You may question its offbeat paths of travel, but (I hope) won’t regret the ride.

  8. I found your slice amusing but your muse seems a bit rambunctious, especially in the wee hours of the morning. I know because my muse is quirky, disregards time, and sometimes stays away. I experience her taking a short vacation on my time. All of this and more is part of being bemused by our muses.

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