Book Bash the Final Countdown

For the TL;DR crowd who have yet to google, in a nutshell, GISH is a Guinness World Record-setting, several day, international event that empowers players to push their creative boundaries, tackle hilarious challenges, and perform incredible acts of kindness, most from the comforts of their own home. The event features special guests, literary challenges and more. The Book Bash Mini-Hunt! this weekend is thirty-six hours and while more literary oriented, no less wonderfully chaotic.

Because I did not want to leave the house, I chose four out of the nearly 100 challenges to accept. Since I never attempted fumage art before, I did what I thought would be the hardest out and got it of the way first with yesterday’s create a sign protesting the banning of books. I was wrong. The next challenge turned out to be, not so much harder, but a lot more detailed and time consuming. Create a portrait of LeVar from quotes from famous black authors and activists. I have yet to see other artists’ interpretations, but here is my entry:

Levar Burton with the entirety of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s
“I Have a Dream” Speech. Click for full size.

I posted my entry to my Instagram account, tagged GISH and thought nothing of it. And then THIS happened… So, imagine my shock of all shocks when I saw the first “Like” on it, and who it was from!

Misha Collins "Likes" my GISH art!
Misha Collins “Likes” my GISH art!

I’m sure this is something curated by his staff and all of us who took up this specific challenge also got a “Like”, but it’s from his official account and it looks so cool on my account.

My third chosen challenge was a breeze. @yung_pueblo posts lovely meditative poetry on Instagram. Write your own poem in his style. Post yours on Instagram:

Because sometimes we need to remember to take a moment to put down our loads, lift up our feet and just chill...
Because sometimes we need to remember to take a moment to put down our loads, lift up our feet and just chill… Click for full size.

Because I like futzing around with photoshop I was volunteered by our team’s captain to do the challenge of taking a screenshot of barren land from Google Maps and overlay a Photoshop image, as if you have carved into the earth. Make it, of a message or drawing that would be seen from space. The message should be a call for help, as if a passing space fleet of benevolent aliens might see and come rescue us from ourselves.

Don't bomb us! Rescue us! We have Girl Scout cookies!

Because even aliens know Girl Scout Cookies are out of this world! (Or maybe they think the cookies are made from actual Girl Scouts. Hmm, maybe I should have checked the “To Serve Man” menu.)

And finally, I did it just because: According to GISH, not everyone knows this, but the first novel ever written and the world’s first science-fiction novel were both penned by women authors. In honor of these literary trailblazers, show us Frankenstein’s monster reading a copy of The Tale of Genji.

A modern-day Frankenstein's creature listen's to tunes while reading the ultimate classic.
A modern-day Frankenstein’s creature listen’s to tunes while reading the ultimate classic. Click for full size.

Yes, Creach -what? he was never given a name- is wearing earbuds and listening to “Monster Mash”, don’t judge his musical choices!

Still, as much fun as it was, it was a lot of hours on my computer without break. At 8pm, I called it quits. All I know is, if this was a mini one, I’m part excited, part terrified to experience a full one.

Day 28 of 31 – Let’s see how others are slicing it out today…

15th Annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge

15th Annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge
Two Writing Teachers

8 thoughts on “Book Bash the Final Countdown

  1. What a delight to read and to see your creative efforts! My daughter-in-law recently participated in a 200 item challenge and I just want to be sure not to put her in charge of games at our family gathering this summer. And my favorite is your poem!

    • HAH! The challenges I chose were easy and mild compared to some of the others offered. And yes, be delightfully wary, GISH definitely redefines the term ‘games’ LOL. Thank you.

  2. Sounds like even with the work involved in this challenge you are enjoying every minute of it. Why wouldn’t Frankenstein’s creation wear earbuds. It would be a way of blocking out all of those crude remarks made by people passing him on the street. Besides, I am sure if he were swaying to the music people would get out of his way and he would have clear passage to wherever he was headed.

  3. I loved this POST! Your “moment please” gave me pause – you’d better believe I’m going to share this with my students. And your Girl Scout Cookie message had me laughing so loud I think I scared the dog.
    I also love the LeVar Burton portrait you did as well. I especially love that you chose to portray him as he his now, in all his full glory and wisdom and experience. Yes!

    • Glad your enjoyed “moment please.” It’s actually snippets from a longer poem I wrote I think the your kids will appreciate the abridged version,

      I mean it’s Girl Scout Cookies c’mon! 🤣
      “…in all his full glory and wisdom and experience. Yes!” Yes, indeed. Being exposed to King’s speech in a history lesson, you sort of -get it-, but it takes having lived, having experienced a certain amount of life to truly APPRECIATE it. Thank you!

    • Oh, it is! Get a team together and get ready for the main event GISH come August. Get together all your crafting gear because you’ll never know what you’ll need – 🤣 You’ll have a blast!

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