There in the shadows of the night
There within the glow of city lights
There are many things that can affright
There are just as many that excite

There, a riot is about to ignite
There in the shadows of the night
There, helicopters with floodlights
There, to televise the blight

There, someone chooses wrong over right
There, someone catches the wrong person’s sight
There in the shadows of the night
There, pray battles prey come stroke of midnight

There, under a sky dark and finite
There, where the moon is the only light
There, secret lovers meet to unite
There in the shadows of the night

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dVerse Poets Pub Tenth Anniversary |
Meet the bar with Chant poetry

Tonight as we continue to celebrate the Tenth Anniversary here at dVerse Poets Pub, Björn prompts us to use our voices in a chant.

Here in a mix of a-starting with the same word as opening rhyme and b- closing each line in a tight monorhyme, I also revisit the Quartern form for an assist.

19 thoughts on “There

  1. So many things happen in the shadows, both good and bad. You really capture that thought well here, especially the potential dangers and the finite freedom in the cloak it brings (why so many crimes happen at night). Beautifully written, love the way you used repetition here for the prompt. 🙂

  2. Using there gives a feeling of activity, like the person is pointing everything out. It’s a potent moment in time where so much is happening all at once. Nicely done, Raivenne!

  3. I love the list and repetition of There in the shadows of the night- in the quartern form. There are wrongs, battles between pray & prey, and of course, secret lovers meeting.

  4. I love the poignancy of this one- the shadows of the night speak volumes of all that takes place, not a word goes to waste in this gem 💝💝💝

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