In Flagrante Delicto

Secret lovers

Sweet nothings

That scream
Bitter everything
To wound the one
Who bears witness
To now erstwhile secret

For no armor can protect
The heart wound in love
From the cruelty
Of that which it loves

But loves it not in return

dVerse Poets Pub graphic

dVerse Poets Pub | Quadrille #128: What’s in a word?

At dVerse, Lillian tends bar and wants to know What’s in a word? And what’s the word for this challenge: wound. She makes our Quadrille poem a bit tougher by challenging us to include the word twice – using both meanings / pronunciations of the homographic pair.

Whether we use the word once or twice in the body of the poem, the poem must be exactly 44 words in length – not including the title.

24 thoughts on “In Flagrante Delicto

  1. I haven’t tried a quadrille. I didn’t, in fact, know it was a poem form. I thought it was a dance! (I think that idea was born of singing a quadrille in a chamber choir years ago and thinking it sounded like music to accompany dancing. Hmm …)

    I like the turns in this poem, the way it seems to be heading one way and then slips past expectation and goes another way. Also, I love-love-love this new template!

      • Well since you looked it up I don’t have to explain how spot on you were. 😁 I’ve written more quadrilles than glosas and you know I love glosa. I’m sure you’ve commented on other quadrilles I’ve penned before, but didn’t notice the forrm as the shape changes with the tales told.

        And yes, it is a cruel dance. Thank you.

    • Thanks Lillian. I saw the image a few days ago and kept it. I knew I wanted to use it, but didn’t know where… Then you posted your prompt. It was meant to be.

  2. “whispering / sweet nothings / that scream / bitter everything.” What you’ve done with these lines is fascinating here. Ohhh those words can sound so beautiful on the surface – but to know of the betrayal behind them only makes them crueler…

  3. “Whispering sweet nothings that scream bitter everything,”.. I felt this deeply! This is usually the outcome of secret relationships.. they end in cruelty. Gorgeously rendered! 💝

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