8 comments on “It’s Been One Year Since You’ve Looked At Me…

  1. Such a year it’s been. You captured so well the losses, the gains, the conflicted feelings we have as life begins to return to normal.

  2. Ah yes. Clothes in the closet. We all know that sunlight helps things to grow. Lack of it causes things to shrivel. Therefore, if some items no longer fit as they once did it is because they have not had the nurturing effect of sunshine and because of this they retreated into themselves and became smaller. It will be interesting to see how offices and other places of business handle the reopening of the world.

  3. You frame the dilemma and the emotions well in this piece, a story that could emerge only from this past year. It’s the kind of piece that will also be great to look back upon, when you’ve made the leap to a new routine and feel settled once again.

  4. Am I ready for the world again? What a great question. It’s interesting that when we have to do without (dressing for work, shoes, concerts) we actually get used to it! The thing I would like to continue to do without is traffic. I’m dreading having to add all that extra time sitting in my car once everything goes back to the “old days”.

    • Oh gosh, commuting. I use mass transit for work. I missed having subway stories, I do not miss the hour and fifteen to thirty minutes each direction subway rides. Truly not ready for that.

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