6 comments on “I Down – 1 to Go

    • Well it’s a sunny day today and I’m back at work. Arm is a little sore at injection site, but I’m fine otherwise. Hoping your day realigns also.

  1. First shot didn’t hit me. I had a sore arm for a day. Get shot number 2 tomorrow. Heard lots of stories about that one. We will see how it goes. Michael’s another day?

    • Well, now that I’m on this side of it, I think my lethargy yesterday afternoon was more catching up to lack of sleep the night before. Also, the heavy lunch my bestie and I enjoyed at a restaurant in the mall that had reopened I’m sure was a contributing factor. As for Michael’s I had forgotten several of the stores in NYC had closed. The nearest one was nearly an hour away by train. Now waiting for Amazon to deliver it.

  2. Yikes! I sure hope you feel OK, Mod Podge or no Mod Podge. But really – I enjoyed this slice. The humor you bring to your writing always keeps me smiling. And bravo to you for using this day. For. YOU. You most certainly deserve it.

    • I’m well. Thanks. My arm was a little sore at the injection site yesterday morning, but otherwise fine. I guess I just needed the extra rest.

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