I Down – 1 to Go

I was scheduled to get my 1st Covid shot next week. Late yesterday I was called by the clinic and asked if it were possible for me to come in today. Luckily, I did not have training and accepted the change of schedule with a definitive “Is Amos famous?”. My best friend and I scheduled together so she had received the call as well. We both were free.

This morning we arrived at a little before the appointed time because I know there’s paperwork. Best laid plans, my best friend was fine, but no one could find my name. Long story made short about twenty minutes later one of the assistants had started his shift amidst the kerfuffle. It turned out he was the one who made the call and remembered speaking with me because of the silly Famous Amos comment and I was finally given the paperwork and received my shot.

Since I had now taken the day off work to have the shot – because I did not know how I would feel, I now had a free day. Before the schedule change, my bestie and I were going to go to Michael’s, a craft store, after my work shift. All I wanted one thing: a couple of cans of Mod Podge. Go there get it and come home. We were both feeling fine, so we decided to go ahead with the shopping plan.

Neither of us knew the Michael’s in that mall had closed. Well, what are two gals at a mall going to do? Some nearly $200 a piece at Target later, none of which contained Mod or Podge, answers that question. All was fine until I got home, put everything away and laid down because I felt sleepy.

Guess who just woke up about twenty minutes ago? Guess who put it down to side effect of the shot? Guess who still needs Mod Podge? And guess who just remembered to slice?

1 down was not supposed to be me!

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6 thoughts on “I Down – 1 to Go

  1. First shot didn’t hit me. I had a sore arm for a day. Get shot number 2 tomorrow. Heard lots of stories about that one. We will see how it goes. Michael’s another day?

    • Well, now that I’m on this side of it, I think my lethargy yesterday afternoon was more catching up to lack of sleep the night before. Also, the heavy lunch my bestie and I enjoyed at a restaurant in the mall that had reopened I’m sure was a contributing factor. As for Michael’s I had forgotten several of the stores in NYC had closed. The nearest one was nearly an hour away by train. Now waiting for Amazon to deliver it.

  2. Yikes! I sure hope you feel OK, Mod Podge or no Mod Podge. But really – I enjoyed this slice. The humor you bring to your writing always keeps me smiling. And bravo to you for using this day. For. YOU. You most certainly deserve it.

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