Sudoku Who?

I am the first person to admit, while I do well enough at English – I am a writer, poet and blogger after all – my skill in mathematics leaves MUCH to be desired. I never cared about my X and don’t you dare ask me about Y I’m that way. Surprisingly, geometry and I got along. Acute, obtuse, isosceles, squares, and pretty much any dang thing that suffixed in “-agon” were good buddies of mine because it was shapes – my artist brain understood those type of figures. Other than that? Fuhgettaboutit! I get confused looking at math problems in TV and movies. “Good Will Hunting” became a foreign language every time Matt Damon’s character, the eponymous Will, stepped to the black board. Hell, a depiction of high school Trigonometry would have been/still remains out of my depth of comprehension.

Suffice it to say when Sudoku became a ‘thing’, I saw numbers, heard you have to do math and promptly said “Uh… noPe.” To be fair, over the years I have looked at a game or two, tried to fathom it out, but the (il)logic behind them seemed as variable and numerous as, well, numbers. I am not a fan.

Thus, I am not quite sure how on earth THIS happened last night…

Sudoku game finished
A messy win, is a win nonetheless.

A friend online mentioned sudoku and yesterday became one of those weird times where I thought to myself, Meh, why not? I googled “easy” sudoku games, hit a random link and printed one out. I assumed by easy it meant I could complete it in about 30 minutes. HAH! Did I say HAH! ? What I meant was *snort-chortle-snigger-HAH!*. That nonsense took nearly 90 minutes, and as you see from the various scratch outs and overlays; I did not have an easy time at all. However, unlike every other game I attempted in the past, for once I saw the pattern. I had more than half the game done within the first hour. It’s the most I had ever done and it made me determined to complete this miracle. The remainder was correcting my mistakes in order to figure out the rest of the game.

I did not find this fun or relaxing. I still do not understand the appeal. It will likely be a few more years before I am thus intrigued to try again. Still, I was so stunned that I had finally, Finally, FINALLY completed my first sudoku game I took a picture for prosperity. A memory I get to share now, with no plans to try it again in the immediate future.

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9 thoughts on “Sudoku Who?

  1. Well, good for you for trying it! Now you know it’s definitely not for you – and not because you can’t do it, but because you don’t like it. I completely relate to just about everything from this post – I’m much better at trigonometry than I was at any other type of math AND I want to understand the appeal of sudoku, even though I’m pretty sure it’s not for me. I’d say you’ve inspired me to try it again, but I don’t know… I’ve got things I want to do. ;-P

    • You’re right, I at least know I tried and it really is not for me. Thanks.
      “I’ve got things I want to do.” Do those things you WANT to do. Sudoku will always be around if you get bored or curious.

  2. Congratulations on your great achievement. I admit I am hooked on them send for the daily one in our paper. They start off super easy on Monday and get progressively harder as the week passes. I don’t always finish Friday or Saturday. I also like the daily Jumble.

    • Thank you. I enjoy jumbles and like crosswords and run circles around search-a-word puzzles, <– See what I did there 😀 But frankly the scriber in me would much rather write words than unscramble them.

  3. I bet you do it again! I find Sudoku to be strangely addictive and now play an online version since I do not get a daily paper any more…..

    • Thanks, but I seriously doubt that. I applaud those like you that avidly enjoy them. I was honestly was not one of them. I finished it out of sheer stubbornness and see no reason to subject myself to that anytime soon.

  4. It’s not in my future either, but now you know for sure. I watch my daughter-in- law do them in a book, yikes…I’d rather read, thank you very much. I know you can relate.✍️

  5. I admit that I like them a lot, though I don’t do them that often. I think they appeal to my place-for-everything-everything-in-its-place love. Congratulations on completing this one! 🙂

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