19 comments on “The Final Bow

  1. Wow, this is beautifully striking and especially haunting at the end. It seemed she lived a full life as it finally came to center in her final moments–the moments relived that once made her feel happy. Such a great ending to a fantastic story in this poem. Excellent piece!

  2. What a great story you’ve told in your poem. And the twist, that she takes her final bow on the stage…and this is all indeed a eulogy of sorts. I’m reminded of Judy Garland’s comeback…and all she went through. She did not die on stage though…..but certainly her fame, the studios in those days working her to the bone as a young actress and singer….the pills etc. The limelight is not always kind even though the applause can be the upper.

  3. What a marvelous story, so intuitively told, taking us along on her life journey. You’ve made magic with your words. Thank you!

  4. You told her story so well, whoever she was, or is. Maybe this is a dream for someone that has yet to make her comeback. I love the photo you chose to go with your poem.

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