14 comments on “I Just Want You To Know

  1. How beautiful and unique! ☀️ And a great song choice too! You may have started a new way of writing poetry today? I’m thinking there’s going to be some spin-offs from your work! I’ve not seen this type of writing before and if it’s not new for you, I’ve just not read it before today. Nicely done! ☀️

    • Why thank you, Myth. No it’s not new, I’ve written glosas, the form used, for years, At then of the poem I provided a link to glosas. The rules for creating one is there, try one!

      • You bet! Try one? Me? That is a writing style that ‘ naturally’ belongs to you! So well done! ☀️

  2. Raivenne, I love the story your poem tells. I have saved the form instructions with your poem as an example and will be writing one as I love how your story was woven with it. Deep!

  3. Glosa is a challenging form to write and you did well with the inspired quote. That last line summed it all up for me: I just want you to know who I am.

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