In The Silver Night

I hear the clock ticking in the dark
It echoes my heart as I lay alone
With you in my head
Wanting you by my side
Wishing you were my own

The moon holds all my secrets
How I long to be in your heart
With words of love I’ve only said
Within my dreams there are many things
I want you to be a part

In the silver night

I did not think I could fall in love
Thought it a bother to have such
It seemed that Fate had other plans
To have you so close and yet so far
It is all just too much

Sometimes I think you could never care
For the type of man I am it’s true
Sometimes I think that you know
That I’d give you everything
And I hate myself for loving you

In the silver night…

And I’ll convince myself that I can manage
That caring is not an advantage
But now I know it’s a lie!

Loving you is a pauper’s face against the window
Wanting on that which I beseech
It’s a distance of galaxies when we’re feet apart
In my mind I know how’d your lips feel
Even though you are far out of my reach

It’s the eggshell syllables of your name
I whisper to your specter in Luna’s light
For once again I face the stars on my own
All alone

In the silver night

In the silver night…

DVerse Poets Pub | Open Link Night #261

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24 thoughts on “In The Silver Night

  1. Unrequited love is always painful, as echoed in your words.
    Nice! (Your words, not unrequited love!)
    Anna :o]

  2. Very much enjoyed the conversational tone of this poem – you made it work very well here, I think.. Your refrain of ‘In the silver night’ is also very effective here too… A real pleasure to read such carefully sculpted writing… Thank you

  3. Amazing write specially with these lines:

    It’s the eggshell syllables of your name
    I whisper to your specter in Luna’s light

    A treat to read tonight!!!!

  4. The repetition of “in the sliver night,” adds emphasis and gives the poem a song-like quality .. one that echoes in the corridors of one’s heart. Stunning write 💝💝

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