14 comments on “March Check In

  1. I’m now rooting for you to finish that manuscript and put it in someone else’s hands! Go, go, go! I went through this process last year at around this same time with a book of essays, so I feel the tension and know the reward. You will succeed!

  2. Congratulations on the completion of the draft – here’s to a timely editorial return. This line stood out to me in your post: To “not shoulder what is not mine to bear.” It takes great inner strength to come to such a realization and to separate oneself. Lots of power here in your words.

  3. You know I’m pulling for you to feet that manuscript in shape and into hard copy and in your hands by month’s end!! So excited for you!

  4. What an amazing project to be working on these next couple of months! It’s so easy to put our writing projects on the back burner and prioritize every other thing. I am so glad you’ve prioritized your own creative work! And glad you found inspiration in the “Let’s Check In” form. I do love me a new slicing format!

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