All By My Selllllf

I am among the first people to arrive at my job in the mornings. Usually, there are one or two others on my side of the floor when I enter and all the lights are turned on.

Not this morning…

Photo of an office hall, emergency lights on only.

I was the first person in on my side of the floor today. This morning only bright daylight, yay longer days at last(!), and the emergency lights greeted me. It was an eerie sort of quiet and I liked it.

Still, knucklehead that I am all I could think of was:

  • it looked like a first-person shooter game where all is quiet before the zombies pop out of nowhere at any moment,
  • the chorus to the old Eric Carmen song “All By Myself” and
  • clearly I was in serious need of coffee.

My loneliness, and potential active zombie bait imagination, lasted all of maybe seven minutes before the next person arrived, breaking the spell.

It is Day 3 of the March Slice of Life Writing Challenge for 2020. Stop in and see how others are slicing it up today!

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14 thoughts on “All By My Selllllf

  1. Glad the zombies didn’t attack. I must say that for all of the times I was the first to arrive at school, I liked the quiet before other teachers and students started arriving, I never had thoughts of zombies. Other things that go bump in the night, yes. Zombies, no.

    • Hah! I would not have thought of zombies when I was in school either. They were not “the thing” that they have been these past years to be at the forefront of the brain. I blame “The Walking Dead” TV show.

  2. Loved this! Glad you were not attacked by the zombies. My first thought would have been to listen for the ghosts.:) I’m convinced there are a few that linger in every space of our existence.

  3. When you go in that early, you must have a strong cup of coffee and something sweet to eat. (Maybe I’m projecting. That’s what I used to need since I often turned on the lights on my hallway at school in the mornings.)

  4. I love how your post evokes that “eerie quiet” that comes from being the only one at school. I’m not sure I have ever gotten there that early, but I’ve definitely been the last one out. I’m sure I’ll be thinking of zombies the next time that happens!

  5. It reminds me of a former school that used to be available to staff to come in and catch up on things on Saturdays. My room was in the back corner, and MERCY it was DARK walking there. Thank goodness for flashlights on cell phones! (That was a new thing back then.)

  6. I like where your mind went, and that you turned it into such a creative Slice. I don’t know how many times I’ve created ridiculous images in my head while in a simple safe situation. Your piece made me smile, connect, and think about a possible future Slice. Thanks for sharing, and good luck in future possible zombie attacks. 🙂

  7. Thank goodness no zombies! I’m prepping for the ghost town that will be my office tomorrow when I head in way too early … Hope I’m lucky enough to face neither zombies nor Eric Carmen! 😀

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