Of Wolves and Men

The more I think about it the more pissed off I am at Jonaegon Starkaryen.

That single head nod and keep on walking bullshush was just wrong.

Single Head Nod:

That’s what you do when a colleague you don’t particularly care about one way or another and you pass each other in the office corridors. That’s what you do when you and a complete stranger first see each other because you both wound up the same party in the same oh, it’s one of a kind outfit. You silently respect their exquisite taste, because you know you look better anyway, but you’re still kinda pissed. That’s what Grandma does just before she reach for that belt/chancla/switch YAPMTBAU!MV – your abuela’s preferred method to tear that bangela asset up(!) may vary.

I mean JSAT didn’t give a one-armed “Yo, my dawg, go keep chill with Giant Milk T and them wild bois for a bit a’ight?” hug, not even a little scritch-scratch behind the ear? It’s like JSAT didn’t give a fist pump – er – bump. I know he’s from The North, but that’s cold. That’s not how you treat your I Ride My Steed as You Run Along Beside Me or Die Fur-bro, Bro.

I mean what’s an imaginary tv direwolf that’s a one-third of the size of the book direwolf gotta do to gets some R-E-S-P-E-C-T up in this joint?

I kind of hope that when He Who Knows He Should Have Kept His Trap Shut From The Fam Just A Little While Longer finally comes back, Ghost pulls a Nymeria on him the way she did Baby Gurl Shank doo doo doo doo doo doo .  So Ghost pads up to We Are Family But I Gotta Say Nay Auntie Nay-Nay-Nay and be all like “What up my man? You and me – we always gonna be chill, ya know. I mean ’cause you peeped me way back when when your fam and mine was about leave my cute fluff butt behind and I could’ve DIED and shush out for real though, but I get to live my best life up here now. The North Wolf Remembers too. Still, I ain’t be ’bout that South of the Two-thirds Wall life no more. So… um… yeah – Deuces!”. Ghost then pulls down his Horatio Caine Shades of JusticeTM  (the YEEEAAAH! ’09 Summer Collection was fiyah IJS), while Dionne Warwick’s ‘Walk On Bye Felicia’ (the original title), mysteriously plays out of nowhere in the background as he Crip walks away as he sips a cold brew (Starbucks or Stella Atois – you choose). But I haven’t put that much thought into it yet.

I mean I know CGI is expensive, but our boy was done dirty ya’ll! 💔


So? What do you think?

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