Last year was lost to rumors

Boils, bursting at seams

Last ditch efforts telling sweet nothings

In the middle of the night

Hope, my first step

To the mighty vine of this year’s truths

All I need do is leap

In the silver light


The Sunday Whirl | Wordle 332

Mighty, Ditch, Silver, Tell, Vine, Light, Middle, Lost, Boil, Rumors, Nothings, Seams

Use at least ten in a short story of poem

dVerse Poets | Quadrille # 47 Leap

The rules in Quadrille is simple:  write a poem, or short story in 44 words (excluding the title) with the word, LEAP.

10 thoughts on “Leap

  1. Yes – let truth leap to the fore!
    Sometimes we don’t want to hear it though…and that’s a sad truth…
    I do hope 2018 is a wonderful new year for you.
    Anna :o]

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