Balloon bubble shimmers green,
On cue – jarred springs twist,
Spark, curl


Lulled shadow clouds melt,
Leaving scars that dance, skip,
Journey on breezes


Drizzling grins
Don’t spill
in open giggles


Dawn rose in ghost whispers
To breathe still
but I



Today at dVerse we’re asked by Grace to write a Quadrille, a poem of exactly 44 words – not including the title, and to keep it still. “Still” being the word that must be used in the poem. I went for the ultimate stillness.

As an added bonus this is also with all the words. The word list so far:

dance, lull, bubble, grin, melt, shimmer, twist, skip, green, breeze, spill, rose, journey, jar, leaves, open, shadow, cloud, spark, cue, breath(e), scar, curl, whisper, dawn, ghost, giggle, spring, balloon, drizzle, still

dVerse Poets Pub graphic

dVerse ~Poets Pub | Quadrille # 31


5 thoughts on “Respirator

  1. An inventive Quadrille that makes great use of sounds and verbs. I particularly like the lines:
    ‘Lulled shadow clouds melt,
    Leaving scars that dance, skip,
    Journey on breezes’

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