MLMM – Saturday Mix: Dear Diary

Painting of a man, with an open umbrella, walking along a riverside promenade on a rainy day. A bridge and skyscrapers in background.

Artwork: Glenn Hunt

Is this what they mean by “I feel like a school girl”? I had no idea being with you could be this freeing, this decadent! The feel of your warm skin against mine. How your eyes glassed over as I plunged deeply into you – how messily you came apart! The feel of your disassembled body in my hands. Washing all the blood from the sheets was hard, but worth it. Angela Matthews, my angel! I thank you for the gift of your life yesterday, each time I walk along the pier, I will honor your watery grave wih all my heart.

This was dated April 22nd. Autopsy confirmed the timing is correct. He likely would have gotten away with all of them had our team not found his journal.”

The detective visibly shuddered with revulsion as he folded the copy of the journal entry, then looked to the gathered press for questions.

We’re asked to write a page from a diary using the above photo as inspiration.

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Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Saturday Mix – April 22, 2017: Dear Diary

2 thoughts on “MLMM – Saturday Mix: Dear Diary

  1. OMG .. there is something odd about mass murderers and journals – tells us perhaps something about their personalities. A very convincing write – thanks to the combination of the “normal” with the “horrible”. Bravo!

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