4 comments on “As Old As

  1. Thanks for the smile and memory of some great music. When my sixth grade students would ask me my age I would always answer with, “Older than dirt.”

  2. LOL! You look fabulous, for damn near any age, although your fashion choices might rule out pre-teen, but then again, these days… I had a rather amusing experience the other day. Working on faux painting a hearth in a vacant unit, there’s a knock on the door. My tenants do know my car and track me down sometimes, so I don’t ignore it, but have to get to my feet, so I tumble pell-mell over to the door and open it, flushed and flyaway. But it’s a rando, so I say, “Um, hello?” and he whips out “Are your parents home?” ….. uh….. (head explodes)….. I manage not to laugh in his face, and let him know it’s a vacant apartment and I’m the property manager, but I had been talking on the phone to a friend beforehand, and the door is not closed before I’m wheezing “Did you hear that?” between breathless laughing. It still cracks me up, as it did not seem to be a line. But um, yeah… LOOK CLOSER, laddie, this tender lassie could be your granny!

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