8 comments on “Soulmates? II

  1. I’d say my wife and I are somewhere between twin heart and twin flame. As to Greek mythology, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard THAT story. If they were able to bend about the vertical axis between them then it would certainly explain the origin of a very popular epithet…

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. I truly think Sherry is my soul mate. I’ve never felt so loved and so able to be myself as I do with her. We can talk about, and share, anything, and we can almost see into one anothers thoughts. (Sometimes that ain’t so good!) But, seriously, I consider myself a very fortunate and blessed man.

    Great write, Raivenne! I enjoyed it!

    And, by the way, I got away with my anti-valentine poem! Ha! (and I should probably add, “whew”


  3. Oh Rai…. I love this … went back and read the first one … I know that I’ve felt the ‘soul-mate’ connection with at least 3 people so far … one I actually told them (and everyone else) that God had one soul and split it in half and now there are two entities – me, and her. And this was way before seeing your definition….

    All I know is, this is an excellent article… and one which I intend to come back to often …


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