2 comments on “MLMM – Tale Weaver #107: Lost

  1. Powerful tale weaving! Wonderful description of wandering the streets, the narrator’s realizing that he has done all of this — or is told he has. “Her tears at the end, and the line: shake my head sadly, watching as tears form and start to trail down her cheeks, with neither of us doing anything to abate them as I feel lost anew.”
    You have described this feeling of being lost due to memory issues is right on. I have a friend who had a heart issue, lost oxygen, and the last five years of his life — including the time he met, courted, and married his wife. He thought she was a nurse with a crush on him when he came out of his coma. He remembered me as I was a friend for years.
    Excellent response — thanks for participating.

  2. I so enjoyed this tale. You write beautifully and you took me with you on your journey around Rome. Having been there I was familiar with some of the names. Then as you led me along you reveal more and more about the couple and finally that heartbreaking moment of the accident and the effect it has had. I agree with Lorraine in that this is an excellent response to the prompt….you certainly explored the concept of lost.

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