the hunter, alone
silent in the snowy copse
his heartbeat heard strong
a loud thumping from within
as his prey is spied

this day the elusive doe
in his sights stands still
graceful neck arched to the sun
breath misting the air

In a swiftness, eyes meet eyes
before frantic bolt

His shots in the air ring loud
rumbling the earth
setting all fauna in fear
of much more than him

his tale to be told come spring
sole consolation
as snow in numbers gather
too close for him to outrun

dVerse has us Meeting the Bar by trying our hands at writing Choka, an unrhymed poem alternating five and seven syllables that end with an extra seven-syllable line. You can use the 17 or 19 onji (syllable) style.  It can be any number of lines that you choose.

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Meeting the Bar~ the Choka

5 thoughts on “Hunter

  1. a table-turning tale so crisply construed and visual- “as snow in numbers gather
    too close for him to outrun”

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