The bean’s the scene, potency gleaned
It’s the dark daily grind by far, har- har!
A buck’s a deer, yet scales appear,
What do mermaids have to do with stars?

Now I do insist on non-instant
For getting into hot water is tough
And granted thirty will leave me quite quirky
But a venti is never enough.

It’s derision, this double vision
To work uphold, I must first upend
It’s a blip, a drip, a tip, a sip
Hello darkness my old friend!


Hmmm, maybe I do need more coffee…

dVerse Poet’s Pub – Open Link Night # 186

11 thoughts on “Beaned

  1. I felt the skip in your step throughout this. The caffeine worked wonders!
    I’m a tea drinker…with milk, caffeinated, every morning or I’m not very nice.

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