17 comments on “Another Forgotten Soul

  1. It is so sad to think that anyone of us should have this fear…even void of family, with so many people in this world that could reach out. Your poem is riveting. I could visualize all of it, the images, the sounds. Thanks for facing your fear to share it with us.

  2. A powerful write specially with the last verse. That is my worst fear too, to outlive everyone and fearing no one to bury me. This struck a chord in me Raivenne.

  3. I think it’s a common fear but that doesn’t make it less fearful. To counteract that fear, I had always heard (from a certain teacher that I had) that no one ever dies alone. There is always someone on the other side to welcome you. That is comforting.

  4. This is so painful. I spent many hours as a child wondering about death and who would notice when I disappeared.

  5. That’s a bad fear all right! I hope that imagining it so vividly and writing it so eloquently may ease it.

  6. Oh my. Your words brought me to such a deep place of introspection. There is much to let marinate in my being here. Added to this fear of being alone when we die is the additional one of fearing we have left something for the world that is meaningful. But, just by writing words, we are. 🙂

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