4 comments on “To Serve With Loath…

  1. I have only ever been called to jury duty once. Of course, Pottsville is no New York so the group was not large and it was only for one day. I am not a good sitter and waiter so I admit that I got a bit antsy. Although I was not picked to sit on a case I do believe it is an experience every person should experience. It does make for great people watching.

  2. We are so lucky in Illinois to have “one day or one case” jury duty. It is so boring unless you get called,but that rarely happens. Best of luck with the rest of your time. Thanks for the amusing look at the waiting room!

  3. While serving jury duty can be onerous, I also agree that it’s critical for everyone to do their part and participate in the process. Having said that, sometimes it seems like there must be a better way– I always feel so bad for people who serve as jurors on highly publicized lengthy cases that totally disrupt their lives. I’ve only been called to jury duty once. When I lived in Baltimore, MD., I was selected to serve on a jury in a murder trial. It was quite an experience. I was thankful that the defendant had pled guilty so we did not have to determine guilt, but instead the degree of the charge (manslaughter, 1st degree murder, etc.). The trial did not last too long but jury sessions were quite contentious. I wish I had journaled during that time as I only remember bits and pieces of the experience, including, unfortunately, horrifying photographs. Good luck with the rest of your time. At least you can pass the time observing and writing about your fellow cattle!

  4. I was called for two days in July and spent both days in the jury room. A few people were chosen the first day, and the rest of us were released at 11:30. The second day started with a lot of people called for jury selection and most of us felt we’d be called. And the, at 11:00 they released us. I was on of the happy hounds racing out the door!

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