12 comments on “The Heat Is On

  1. You make this not so fun time, well, funny. As in I’m laughing with tears in my eyes funny. Hades’ sauna to your own personal summer. Yes. That’s it. Hang in there!

  2. Oh, you captured all the drama and the heat with your characteristic humor. Best advice I have: stick your head in the freezer for a bit! You’re so right about the fact that there’s nothing quick about the flash!

  3. Had to laugh…sorry. I know Kathy suffered with this for years…long after it was suppose to stop (I am sure she is the exception rather than the norm. A friend I worked with would say she was at the beach when one hit.Try to keep cool.

    • Oh poor Kathy. One of my few consolations on this is the hope this nonsense generally passes quickly. “At the beach” huh? I’ll raise an ice cold glass to that. Thanks Arjeha.

  4. What an excellent question you have posed! i love (and can totally relate to) your take on this time. Just tonight, I was frantically trying to remove my sweater as the ‘flash’ settled in. You are not alone. Perhaps that is the only solace to be found in this wild, hot ride.

    • Clothes sticking to you as you’re desperately trying to get dressed/undressed. Ugh, not fun! You’re right MAK, knowing I’m not alone is a solace. Thanks.

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