Midnight dawning
Pulse spills
Their beats and grooves
That dance from night
Into the morning

But where one man assaults 103 rights so dear
To live freely, openly and party without fear

When without warning
Pulses spill
Their blood and cries
That screams from night
Into the mourning


At dVerse De (aka WhimsyGizmo) wants us to “spill”.  All my muse could think of was yesterday morning’s mass murder in Orlando. Pulse is the name of the dance club where the killings happened.  103 being the confirmed number of deaths and wounded.

The hashtag above is my take on “Hamilton” creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda’s heartfelt, original sonnet used as acceptance speech at last night’s 70th annual Tony Awards.

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Quadrille 11

Real Toads | The Tuesday Platform

22 thoughts on “Pulse

  1. A night of mourning and sadness. Pulses spill – is apt from what I am reading from the survivor’s first hand account of the tragedies.

  2. So many of us chose Orlando as the space we would poetically inhabit; yours is very strong, with empathy for the fallen & put upon; nice chilling job.

  3. Outcasts know and feel
    the value of love greater than those
    who resort to vengeance over Victory..
    Love SinGS a SonG
    oF WiN
    no matter
    whAT as Love
    Won SuNG
    LiVes aGaiN
    And agAiN.. eTc..:)

  4. From the title I knew the story you were going to tell, Raivenne, and how well you did with your powerfully chosen words that turn the joy of dancing to deadly assault in a quick moment’s time. Having that happen where I was born and grew up seems to make the pain for me all the more acute.

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