Mountainous Words

On a mountain I want to cry
Searching for words to supply
Words that uplift or upend
I aim to try, find them by and by

Pen poised to paper I pretend
I have vast thought to append
Come noon no words yet to construe
Down this craggy end, I descend

I jot the only thing that’s true
These mountainous words to pursue
Try as I might the words won’t spill
Evening comes through, with words still due

My mind as blank as the moment still
Waxing poetic instead on this blank bill
I realized I no longer needed to try
And the mountain ill, became a mole hill!


Lynn at dVerse prompts us with a “summit in sight”. My usually loquacious muse was drawing a blank with this, so I went with that as theme. And in a loose Monotetraiyet form.


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Poetics: Summit in sight

7 thoughts on “Mountainous Words

  1. Love the turn from seeing words with a mountain of anxiety to a mole hill ~ Perhaps simplicity is the answer ~ I must say this is a unique take on the prompt ~

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