9 comments on “Do You Hear Me Now?

  1. That would have been interesting to see, the hand gestures of yelling, yet not totally understanding it ~ Thanks for sharing a different perspective of “hands” Ravienne ~

  2. Ha! I freakin’ LOVE this. I have always wanted to fully learn ASL. We used ASL sign with our kids when they were babies and toddlers, and I loved it. I have a friend who signs worship music, and it is the most beautiful thing, ever. The last line made me smile. We can all curse in sign, huh? 😉

  3. What a great perspective, Raivenne. I love all the “trying not to smile” interspersed with your description of those angry hands! One of my nephews is fluent in ASL and acts as an interpreter for the deaf.

  4. Love the story and how you brought out the lighter side of a challenging situation. learned a bit of sign language to work with children. It really is a beautiful form of expression.

  5. I love this poetic description of this woman’s hands. I pictured it and was right along with it not having any idea I was reading sign. Beautiful –

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