6 comments on “Just Die Already

  1. I found this really interesting. Some words just hurt to hear, and the N word is one that I find really offensive. No answers from me but appreciated your ideas!

  2. Don’t you think there is some slice of society that doesn’t want those words to die, because they want to incite the listener? At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue reading after the opening, but I am glad I did. I appreciate your thoughts and they certainly have given me something to ponder.

    • It was one thing to use the word “artistically” to make a point. In the late 80s- early 90s when “gangsta rap” was at the height of its insurgence, yes it was definitely designed to incite. As more artists used it it became “the norm” as such that it became the mainstream for those who choose, even unconsciously, to emulate that culture.

      It’s another thing to use it so incessantly to the point that it has no point. The young man on the cell phone had no point. I doubt he was even aware of just how much he used it in that short span until he saw my face. His use after that was clearly belligerence – to annoy me and whomever else in earshot who were put off by it – but at least then there was a point.

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