Making Room

I go into the kitchen to eat…

fork, knife, spoon,

glass, bowl, plate

All as it should be

and yet it’s all wrong as I turn off the pot,


I go to shower…

all the bathing gels, hair goop,

shaving products, fill the cabinet

All as it should be

and yet it’s all wrong as I turn off the water,


I choose my outfit for the next day

my overfull closet

of shirts, ties, pants

skirts, dresses,  scarves

All as it should be

And yet it’s all wrong as I turn off the TV,


I  wake up and find

Both sides of the bed

In disarray

As I raise a brow

and finally I realize…


Ten years…


When I eat, bathe,

Get dressed,

Even subconsciously in my sleep

I don’t make room for you any more

Except in memory.

All as it should be

And it’s all right as I turn on the lights


Time flies…

Mary at dVerse prompts us to write about “room” however we choose to interpret it. My muse it translated  to the day I realized I no longer made physical space for my late-husband in my life.  Now as I acknowledge my tenth year of widowhood, he’s taking up a little more space than usual, but

“All as it should be

And it’s all right …”


dVerse Poets Pub | Poetics – Room With or Without a View

10 thoughts on “Making Room

  1. I read your poem over a few times. Quite a powerful message really…..indeed it does take time not to make room any longer for the one who has passed. It is subtle, isn’t it? A little bit at a time…year after year…and sometimes you don’t even realize it has happened….until you look back!

  2. This is a very powerful piece…we don’t realize what is “all wrong” until you tell us. The progression is a very gradual one and like you said subconscious until you have the realization that you’re not leaving as much space as you once had. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience, Ravienne. I always appreciate your writing; it’s nice to see you again at dVerse.
    Gayle ~

  3. It does take time to realize what it really means to be alone. I really love how you focused on that space, and I realize how my mother used to leave my father’s things… Wardrobes filled etc… And I do remember hoe long time it takes, the conclusion sounds reassuring though,

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