8 comments on “Within The Folds

  1. i suppose the
    most endeaRinG
    pArt of poetry
    is it is
    a soul
    that cannot
    be ravaged
    by the
    so now
    that paRt
    of her now
    lives again
    in your eyes
    of poetry that
    remember the
    greaTEST lights

  2. My impression was of the memory loss, a fading cerebral quicksand ~

    It is a sad and unfortunate state if one is suffering from this ~

    Thanks for joining us at OLN ~ Happy weekend ~

  3. This speaks to me of one who was a vibrant, no-nonsense, but very loving and gracious woman who suffered great indignities, but whose mind is enveloping some of her memories to dementia. It’s natural to want to help someone who can no longer do for themselves but it’s a bit odd when that person is your own parent. There is a role reversal for sure, as I have found. I like how the message is repeated in your poem…really hits home.

  4. ‘within the folds of her mind’ is a beautiful verse and it gains in depth and gravitas with each repetition. A wonderful description of your mother, with all her quirks and things which made her loveable, and then that verse which made my heart jump to my throat: ‘she slowly losing the ties that bind’…

  5. This is so sad and captures more than just ageing but the folding in of the mind. Your words repeated are very evocative. My daughter is working with dementia patients and thinks their minds are so amazing! She loves the random associations but of course she does not have the loss of family member in ‘ the folds of their mind’

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