6 comments on “Muse Away

  1. I wonder what the muse sit there thinking.. we might curse or beg them to come, yet they will tease us.. I love the POV in the poem.. like a lover sometimes, they keep us awake, but when they are needed they are hiding..

  2. Ah, refusing or resisting the charm of those baroque words is dangerous indeed… I like this conversation between the muse and the (unappreciative) writer/artist.

  3. That muse is a tease and it sounded much like the voice of a lover. I loved this verse:
    “I have called to you on the veranda on warm spring day
    I was the ripple of warmth felt in a snow drift’s pattern sway
    Though you held an umbrella drops of me hit you anyway
    Yet you’ve discarded all words that I’ve begged for display
    Love, what has caused this rift? Why deny yourself my gift?”

    Gayle ~

  4. Oh.. the muse vs. news..
    i’ll take it all as
    muse.. create
    and shed
    all the
    can bring..
    with no exclusions
    dArk and liGht are
    for me..
    with no exclusions
    once again.. i muse..
    news or kNOw News..:)

  5. The muse sounds like a bit of a spoiled lover and a tease. If only our muse would be straight forward and say, here it is. Here is the inspiration for today. sigh. Not that easy!

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