19 comments on “Memories On My Mind

  1. Excellent form! Those memories – we do have to continue on that daily grind, regardless. So much longing expressed in this – so vividly expresses loss, pain, loneliness….

  2. “It all comes flooding anew in my heart
    As though Time itself had not ripped us apart”

    Some memories are so strong, so vivid, so much alive.

  3. Cool to start off with a song lyric, then slide into a tight glosa. They say hindsight is always 20/20; perhaps, but as we reflect on any of the regret or sadness in our life, it is hard to elude the hard edge of remorse. I like your lines /memories from when we lain astride/each whisper, each touch freshly decried/those feelings we can’t put aside/.

  4. I watch a golden leaf fall
    Autumn’s glory starting to call
    And I’m trapped in the past, a moment set
    The heart stops the clock time has met
    Those memories, times I’m sure we’ll never forget

    I loved this stanza the most… This is probably the most exquisite poem I have ever read!!

    Lots of love,

  5. That Commodore line had me clapping. I swooned at the rest. Love just out of grasp is always the love we remember isn’t it? Darn it! 😉

  6. What a lovely glosa ~ I like how you weaved the lines into your sad love experience ~ But that is Fate, and so our journey continues on ~

    Thanks for linking up with D’verse ~

  7. Fate can be so harsh. You tell of a tale so common I’m afraid…love lost, gone too soon, and all that’s left are those heart-stomping memories. You told it so well too.

  8. There are some memories that stay with us forever, and sometimes the heaviness can almost be overwhelming as one reflects on what MIGHT have been.

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