Ro’s Rant

This ache
That was caused
Surprised me so
Eyes the color of irises in bloom
Seen from a glance across a crowded room
I should have known
’twas the start
Of my

So hard
that is what
I truly did
I wish someone had rung a warning bell
His lips upon mine had not chance to tell
That loving him
Would be

Is what
We had hopes
For both our folks
we knew for a while it would be pretend
but in time hands of true warmth would extend
Jules and I knew
it’d be good
in the

is the
One thing that
We’d never be
His folks would rather take knife to my breast
And my folks held him in equal detest
Who would have thought
Parents could
Be so

Using the Double Tetractys form to give modern twist on a classic Willie Shakes tale.

dVerse ~Poet Pub | Open Link Night # 176

15 thoughts on “Ro’s Rant

  1. Who would have thought
    Parents could
    Be so

    A great summary of R&J — whether intended or no — A+. Your poem is fun and well thought out.

  2. This is one of those times when ‘like’ is a frustrating click. LOVE! The form is marvelously done and any time you connect to the Bard, you get my attention. Half way through reading I knew it must be R&J. (Having taught it so many times, it dwells in my mind.) The visual of the form plays so well with the underlying themes of the play. Standing ovation!!!

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