His eyes line with mine
And I devour their mysteries

As I hold his gaze
And play with his mind
As he eyes my prize
The mystery revealed
Behind the long stemmed promises
The curved mocha silk
Of my open thighs

My lips on his mind,
As our bare bodies intertwined
I know
He wants to intoxicate himself
Just from the scent
Of my womanliness

Up and down,
His eyes take in all of me

Down and up,
I measure the depth
Of his love…making…my heart flutter

The ground beneath me vanishes
And I sink deep
Into his mercurial ocean
Swim in his sapphire sea
In his eyes

And am resurrected
By his honey-coated lips
My desire drips
Moist off of fantasy

 In my mind’s eye, I see his eminence
And all things that make him a man
In my arms he fades
he submits

Weak from his control, his slow motion
Body and thoughts worn
Watching him from afar
My eyes drawing him again
Into my lust
His smile melting the core of my femininity
His raw hands sculpting
The wonton I’m happily to become

And he advances towards me,
Eyes still lined with mine,
A sly smile playing across his lips
A smile that tells me
Everything I feel, he feels
Everything I want, he craves
Everything I am, he needs

And right now I am



National Poetry Month – Day 1

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