I Want To

See it

    A moth drawn equally to the darkness
    at one end of the equation as well as
    the bright flames at the other end, 
    beckoning in its steady sway to unknown music
    I want to...
Hear it
    The kinetic current that sometimes happens
    when I run my hand over its surface
    I want to...
Smell it

    The light fruity notes
    with hints of something deeper, earthy
    I want to...
Taste it
    In that odd way we say something tastes like crap
    without ever actually ingesting such
    I just know how good it would taste
    but for right now, I can't resist
    I want to...
Feel it
    the thick dark curling softness at its base 
    as I slide my fingers in his manbun releasing
    his locs a heavy yet soft suede as it falls
    free along my fingers, a signal that let's him know, yeah
    I want to...

Today at dVerse Mary asks us to write so that we see it, feel it, taste it, hear it, experience it as you do…..in all its beauty.

dVerse ~ Poets Pub |Poetics – Savor the Beauty and Share It!

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