Sweet Thing

In of one of my fave breakfast places near my job I am standing next to a woman giving her order to the new guy. The cashier starts to instruct the new guy on the particular way this customer likes her tea.

Woman: Make sure it’s the sweet, now. If it’s not you know what you have to do right?

New Guy: No, what?

The woman pantomimes licking her index finger and then sticking it in a cup of coffee and stirring. The guy blushes and starts laughing explaining how he’s not allowed to do that. The cashier who is definitely quite familiar with the woman, just shakes her head and starts laughing.

Cashier: Stop torturing him.

In the interim one of grill guys, and another guy walk up with trays laden with goodies to be placed in the display. The cookie tray stops in front of the woman, pastries stop in front of me as they wait for the new guy and cashier to move.

Woman and I (in unison): Oh! For me? Why thank you!

She is definitely a kindred spirit as we all laugh.

Grill guy (not missing a beat): You are already sweet enough, adding this much sugar to you is overkill!

Me: Flatterer!

Woman: But I have to taste one! You know, to make sure they’re good enough to serve to people.

Grill guy laughs rolling his eyes in amusement and hands her a chocolate chip cookie. She takes the cookie and has a bite.

Me: Hey, you know you always need a second opinion on these things.

Clearly knowing some comment from me was forthcoming, a chocolate chip cookie is in my hand before I can finish the sentence. I thank him in English, Spanish and German.

New Guy (handing the woman her tea): There you go just the way you like it.

Woman: Did you use you finger?

Cashier (still laughing): Will you stop! Aren’t you married?

Woman (points at Grill Guy): He’s my husband as long as he is feeding me cookies.

Me (pointing at New Guy): And he’s her boyfriend as long as he gets the tea sweet.

Cashier (faux groans): The two of you are bad on your own, I can’t take on both of you together.

Woman and I (not missing a beat): That’s not what you said last night!

Like I said, kindred spirits.

Let’s see how others are slicing things up this Tuesday!

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