6 comments on “Verbal Diarrhea Diaries: Look That Up

  1. I wonder if he’d understand “sock it to me”, “ring my chimes” or “you bet your sweet bippy”. Some of these have remained in the language.

    • Bob, no one I know under the age of 30 would be familiar with “ring my chimes” or “you bet your sweet bippy” as catchphrases. They’d likely only know “sock it to me” in reference to Aretha Franklin’s song “Respect”. While those in their 30s may know the phrases, and only a handful would be able to recall from where they know them at will.

  2. You know, this reminds me of when a cable repair guy was noting my view at my last residence, and I said I was enjoying having my own private bog. This started a 20-minute detour where he was, in a disconcertingly accusing way, positing that I must be some sort of “vocabulary expert.” I was truly baffled, as I wasn’t really using any complicated language. Turns out he had never heard the word “bog.” I was completely taken aback. He thought I was pulling his leg. ???? It’s not the first time I’ve wondered, “What are they teaching them in schools these days?”

    • Q, I think it is is less what is being taught and more of what is being remembered once taught. Many people tend to forget a good chunk that which is not immediately applicable to their daily lives. I know I was taught trigonometry. I know I passed the regents for it which mean I did in fact learn it. Ask me to calculate anything more complex than VERY BASIC algebra now and I’m screwed. Whereas geometry is a physical/visual thing that appealed to the artist in me, a square, rhombus, angles, diameters etc stayed with me. In his defense I’m willing to bet he’s not a word person. He has likely read it once or twice, but did not retain it in reference to nature. I bet if you has said something in relation to being “bogged down” that he would have known.

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