10 comments on “Winter Is Soon

  1. nice…your 5/6 lines on the second and third stanza really came out well, in my opinion…ah and the thoughts of them breaking into our world…this i know as well….nicely done on the form, you made it make sense…ha…

    sorry for such a tough one….smiles

    • I know there are more complicated forms out there, but this one just annoyed me to no end, lol. I realized after I read your comment I somehow copied the an earlier iteration of the 5/6 line in the first stanza. I’ve fixed it and it makes more sense now, I hope.

      Thanks Brian. (You know you’re not sorry and we love it.)

    • Whenever I use poetic forms I try to hide the fact that it is a form with my words. It was near impossible with this paradelle, but it’s nice to know the words still transcend its confines. Thank you Sumana.

  2. impressively crafted. it was quite a crazy form. you stepped up to the challenge with what looks like ease…even if it was far from easy to craft. this flowed quite well.

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