8 comments on “Countdown

  1. Oh, this is so lovely. And so awful. A really unique idea. You could do a series on different clock users. Maybe with some happy endings. I’m a sucker for a happy ending. I enjoyed this although it was sad.x

  2. Pathos I expected (and very well done). I must admit, however, I fully expected you to go further beyond the T-0 point…

    • JJ,DJ,JJ


      I was following the patterns in the example given , all of which ended moments after the initial meeting and were relatively short

      This is actually truncated from the longer story as I initially imagined it.

  3. ya see.. I imagined you figuring that both people were looking at their individual watches, sync’d to a common meeting time, and just as the time ran down to zero and they gazed at one another from across the room, one would notice someone else just over the others shoulders, and BAM! their watch would suddenly reset to 5 minutes left, leaving the other sitting there looking at a blinking 00:00:00 …. cause you’d be just wicked enough to ensure one of the characters would get royally screwed. Which you did. Just not in the way I had expected.

    • Which just goes to show that even when you expect the unexpected from me, I still go and do something unexpected from what you expected. **smiles**

      • yeah, but it was kinda passive-aggressive to describe me to a T (“tall, confident, salt-and-pepper hair, matching stubble”) only to then run me over, wasn’t it?

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