One Chance

I watch her walk away
Admire her hips’ swing
The heat of her strong gait
The clink of her bracelets
Her back solid and straight

I watch her walk away
Her dress I guess is silk
It melts like second skin
Then vales in gentle folds
Accents all held within

I watch her walk away
Her looks water my knees
There’s one chance left to take
“Miss Wait!” I want to yell
Instead hear my heart break

I watch her walk away
And do not say a word
Inside I start to cry
Too shy to say hello
I’ve sealed the deal goodbye


My take on the dVerse prompt on when words fail…

dVerse ~ Poets Pub  | MeetingTheBar ~ When Words Fail

7 thoughts on “One Chance

  1. I like the repeat of the first line, though in the first stanza it is still a hopeful watching, but by the final stanza it carries a completely different tone, almost like it’s a different line altogether. Nice job! Peace, Linda

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