At a Slant

I do not understand this slant
The course of which to rhyme
For my natural flow of banter
Escapes its rhythm binds

Is it on consonant or vowels
In which diction should rule?
Syllable counts have me scowling
In fret of lines I’ll misconstrue

Erato and I scratch our heads
And ask a boon of Calliope
For even Euterpe deeds
This may better suit Melpomene

Above lined paper my pen pauses
To wit my brain cells are not bent
I’m feeling like a poetic pauper
No, I do not understand this slant


So at dVerse Poets Pub, Karin/Manicdaily has us using slant rhyme in poetry. Well, others are using, I’m weakly attempting, as I cannot seem to grasp my cranium around the concept. Still, The Little Engine That Could in me never says die. So as I’m wont to do when I don’t get it – I had some fun with it instead and hopefully my frustration becomes your enjoyment.

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Meeting the Bar at a Slant

23 thoughts on “At a Slant

      • Multisyllable or not, I’m either a standard rhyme or none at all person. With an honest nod of appreciation to those poets who do it well, this “Slant Rhyme” business is not for me.

  1. Ha! I think you’ve handled it incredibly well–almost all your lines have a near rhyme–it’s kind of a subtle thing, and I think that the resistance expressed in the poem works the slant as well. Great job. Thanks much for trying it out. (You probably use it unconsciously all the time, which is why it is hard to figure out on a conscious level.) K.

  2. Not a fan of syllable counting myself, albeit as a MTB dVerse exercise, I do find it easier now than in the past. Like Brian & Claudia, I think internal line rhymes, and near rhymes sneak themselves into many of all our poems, and yours fit the prompt like calf skin driving gloves. Remember, “Resistance is Futile.”

    • Ha! I am Locutus of form poems. I fully own up to the futile acts of resistance while I write even as I assimilate to a form’s demands. Luckily most of the time it works out. Thanks Glenn.

    • Thanks Rosemary. This was like learning a dish without a recipe. Throwing it all together and it comes out fine, but I can’t really say how I did it.

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